Update: Thank you for your patience and for checking this page for updates!

We only accept Boneless Meat.  It’s always best to check here for updates before coming too visit.

1/4/24: We are caught up and open for Custom Game drops.


We are a plant large enough to meet your needs, but small enough to give you the individual service you desire. Unlike many other plants, G&W processes each batch of boneless deer meat individually, which guarantees your deer creates your product.  We also process year-round.


Processing Info
  • Ground Venison (No Processing): $1.00/lb
  • Add Pork/Beef to Ground: $3.00/lb
  • $6.00 per lb for Summer Sausage
  • $6.50 per lb for Fresh Bratwurst
  • $6.25 per lb for Landjager
  • $5 per 25 lb batch to add Jalapenos
  • $5 per 25 lb batch to add Maple flavoring
  • $18 per 25 lb batch to add Pepper Jack or Cheddar Cheese
  • LANDJAGER FLAVORS: Regular, Cajun, Chipotle, Maple, Cheese & Jalapenos can be added for extra cost.
  • SUMMER SAUSAGE FLAVORS: Original, Cayenne or Red Pepper for Spicy and can add Jalapenos or Cheese for extra cost.
  • FRESH BRATWURST: ANY fresh brat flavor we make.
  • $1 DONATION to Backstoppers for each full deer processed.

ALL prices listed here and on processing sheet are based on RAW weights before they are smoked. The items will lose weight when smoked, but you pay for raw weights.

All processed deer product will be vacuum-sealed for you at no charge with the exception of ground venison, which is stuffed into tube casings.

A minimum of 19 pounds is required for processing 1 batch of 1 item. Thirty-three percent of pork or beef (your choice) is added to landjager, summer sausage and/or ground.  Added to your 19lbs, this will make one 25lb batch.  Fifty percent of pork or beef (your choice) is added for fresh brats.

Specialty items available from your deer include Summer Sausage (with or without cheese), Fresh Bratwurst, and Landjager Snack Sticks.

By law, we must see your tag and have the tag number in order to process your deer.

G&W Bavarian Style Sausage Company is located at 4828 Parker Ave; St. Louis, Missouri (314) 352-5066. Payment methods available are cash and most major credit cards. Checks are NOT accepted as payment. Please contact us with any questions.