You Can't Beat G&W Meat!


We process your Deer!Hunters Set Your Sights on GW Deer Processing, a plant large enough to meet your needs, but small enough to give you the individual service you desire. Unlike many other plants, G&W processes your deer separately so your deer creates your product

2014 DEER DROPOFF -  Extended hours for rifle season start Sunday Nov 16th 8am-8pm

Mon. Nov 17th - Thurs. Nov 20th  7am - 7pm, Fri. Nov 21st 7am-5pm, Sat. Nov 22nd 8am-5pm, Sun. Nov 23rd 8am-8pm

A minimum of 19 pounds is required for processing 1 batch of 1 item. By law, we must see your tag and have the tag number in order to process your deer.

Thirty percent pork or beef—your choice—is added to some products during processing; for example, ground venison or summer sausage.
  Specialty items available from your deer include summer sausage (with or without cheese added), fresh bratwurst, and Landjager.
Participation in the Share The Harvest program is available at no cost to hunters through G & W Bavarian Style Sausage Company.

We also donate $2 to STL Childrens Hospital for each full deer processed thru Hunters Helping Kids Foundation.

  G & W Bavarian Style Sausage Company is located at 4828 Parker Ave; St. Louis, Missouri (314) 352-5066
 Payment methods available are cash  and most major credit cards.

processing for hunters
Skinning: $25
Cutting & Wrapping: $80
Additional Meat Pricing:
$.50 per lb for Ground Venison
$2.75 per lb for added Pork or Beef
$4.00 per lb for Summer Sausage
$15.00 per 25 lbs to add Cheese
$4.00 per lb for Fresh Bratwurst
$4.25 per lb for Landjager
$3 per 25 lb batch to add jalapenos                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  $15 per 25lb batch to add cheese

ALL prices on here and processing sheet are based on RAW weights